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One great way to raise your visibility and/spread your ideas or build your business is to publish a book. But what book should you write, and from which angle? Is there enough of an audience? Do you have the marketing platform to reach that audience? Before you begin you need a plan.

  • Strategy sessions. We take you through a process to sharpen your positioning, identify your unique point of view, and help you decide on the winning project that will help you achieve success.
  • Audit of your current marketing platform. For example, do you have a sizeable mailing list, a regular column or blog, potential for media appearances and speaking engagements? We’ll build on your strengths, guide curation, and make recommendations for building your brand.
  • Audience research. Most publishers wont find your audience. That job is up to you. Who are your readers and followers? Where do they congregate online and in person? We prepare a written report, along with suggested speaking and editorial opportunities.
  • Evaluations of traditional and self-publishing options. Is the imprint of a big publishing company more important to your brand than a better royalty rate and complete control over you product? Each case is different. We guide you through the many good new opportunities in self-publishing and e-books


Quality counts. We have a network of top-flight writers, editors, designers, and digital experts who can help you convey your thought leadership through books, white papers, essays, blog posts,social media, video, and research documents.

  • Proposal development. If you want to get a book contract with a commercial publishing company, a well-researched, well-written proposal cannot be underrated (it often is). You usually get one chance, so you want to get it right.
  • Selective agenting. We represent a small carefully selected number of properties each year.
  • Editing, ghostwriting partnerships, coaching. We can help you write your book, speech, or web content. We can start from scratch, make what you’ve got better, or simply guide you through the writing process. We are also valued ghost writers with full-length trade book projects in our portfolio.
  • Content creation for your online space: Our approach is strategic rather than hit or miss. We believe in integrated strategy that sends out optimized, high-interest content for the specific audiences you need to reach. We can do it for you or give you a roadmap.


Authors and thought leaders now have many online media outlets available. And yet the world is noisier than ever. We help you prioritize and create a targeted and strategic plan to get your ideas heard.

  • Websites. Professionally designed and optimized according to your budget needs and design vision.
  • Social media marketing. Social media sites give you a chance to communicate with friends, supporters, readers, and colleagues on a platform where you control the content. We will guide you to an active, growing network, through our best practices, tips, and techniques that are always focused on achieving goals.
  • Online marketing and media relations. We customize online publicity campaigns that connect you to your audiences. For example, depending on your needs, we can pitch you to prominent websites for guest blogging or reviews, design an editorial calendar to optimize your content feeds, edit your material, and help you develop podcasts or video.
  • Targeted outreach to traditional media. Elite traditional news media still drive a huge part of blog, cable, social media, and other online coverage. Want to get their attention? We build the lists, tailor the pitches, and craft the talking points. Then we work hard to secure coverage through our longstanding relationships at national and global news organizations.