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New Thought Leadership Books from Our Authors

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Dec 1

Untitled designCongrats to our authors, published in 2018. We loved helping these thought leaders bring their books to life.

  • Rabbi Mark Wildes, author of Beyond The Instant: Jewish Wisdom for Lasting Happiness in a Fast-Paced World (Skyhorse, 2018). Rabbi Wildes has mentored thousands of Jewish millennials in NYC, helping them achieve career, personal and spiritual ambitions. In this book, he condenses 4,000 years of Jewish wisdom into a relatable take on how spirituality can guide millenials—living in a world of high tech and high speed—to enrich their lives through faith.  We loved helping Rabbi Wildes illustrate ancient lessons with dramatic stories of real people.
  • Rich Donovan,  Unleash Different: Achieving Business Success through Disability (ECW Press, 2018).  In this highly relatable combination of hard-headed business analysis and moving first-person memoir, Rich gives the reader a peek into how he rose from a Canadian school for “crippled children” to manage $6 billion for one of Wall Street’s leading firms and later create the Return on Disability Index, which was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2014.
  • John Wood and Amalia McGibbon, Purpose, Inc.: Turning Cause Into Your Competitive Advantage (Big Purpose Press 2018).  When Herb was at Harper Collins, he acquired John’s bestselling book about leaving Microsoft to found the global charity Room To Read, which today has transformed the lives of millions of children in low-income communities around the world. As an editorial consultant, Big Fish Media helped John and Amalia finish their latest: a revolutionary book that makes a powerful case that purpose is not the enemy of commercialism, but the key to it.  As Seth Godin described it: “Do work that matters, and make a difference that you care about. Too often, we forget these two simple rules, but John and Amalia are here to remind us that we can and must do more.”
  • Cameron Mitchell,  Yes Is the Answer. What is the Question? (IdeaPress 2018).  The Cameron Mitchell Restaurant Group has some of the lowest employee turnover in the business and dozens of multiconcept restaurants, spanning from coast to coast. To celebrate their 25-year-anniversary, Cameron Mitchell wanted to tell his rags to riches story and, above all, share the philosophy and culture that made his company great. We made a dozen trips to Columbus to capture his voice and bring it to life on the page.
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