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I called a friend and told him that I, a harbor pilot of all things, had written a novel. ”What kind of novel?” he asked. I told him it was a comic novel. After a long pause he said, simply, “Good luck.” A couple of days later he called back and said, “You’re not a writer, you have no credentials to speak of, and you’ve written the most difficult book to write and get published in today’s marketplace. You’re asking the impossible so I have two words for you.” Thinking he was going to wish me luck again, I said, “I know– Good Luck.” To my surprise he said, “No. The two words are— Herb Schaffner.” Herb edited, agented, and, achieving the impossible, actually sold my novel to a first rate publisher. Not only that, he did it without breaking a sweat. DO NOT go to Herb if you’re looking to get jerked around. You’ll be disappointed.

John G. Jacobsen, author Commodore of Errors

“Herb Schaffner combines market knowledge and editorial instinct with a inborn knack for turning good ideas into great ones. Through Schaffner Media Partners, he can hone and then deliver your message to the audience you need.”

Jeremy Katz, Agent at Sanford J. Greenburger Literary Associates

“Herb Schaffner was the managing editor for our book The New Age of Innovation. He did an excellent job in managing the process including copy eting, media relations and in helping us launch the book.”

MS Krishnan, coauthor with CK Prahalad, The New Age of Innovation

“Herb Schaffner’s editorial vision and publishing savvy were instrumental in conceiving and launching our “Future of Business” book series (with McGraw-Hill). Where other book editors demurred, Herb stepped in and worked with us to define and refine a coherent set of business themes and premises, then bring them to market. The result: our first two books are Wall Street Journal bestsellers.”

Jonathan Gage, Publisher of Strategy+Business magazine

“Herb Schaffner delivers results! His ability to craft a message is responsible for positioning my business books as international bestsellers. Herb has an uncanny ability to understand the nuances of audience and maximize the impact of your message. Herb masters voice, purpose, and effective methods for making communication memorable and transformational. I will miss Herb as my publisher but my loss is your gain as he pursues his passion and gifts through Schaffner Media Partners.”

Joseph Michelli, author of NYT bestseller The Starbucks Experience, and The New Gold Standard

“Herb Schaffner is my favorite editor. In a world where really good editors have all but disappeared, Herb is still the real thing. His thoroughness, intelligent editing of word and structure, and devotion to the task are outstanding. I recommend this gifted editor without reservation.”

John Naisbitt, international bestselling author of Mindset, Megatrends, and Reinventing the Corporation

“Herb Schaffner was my primary advisor as I pitched, wrote, and developed marketing strategies for my book, The Organizational Champion. His leadership was essential in the development of the book as he helped me confirm my reader audience, critique my research, and organize the content in a way that would best capture the reader. Schaffner Media Partners continues to assist me in current and future endeavors and is one of my most valuable resources as an author.”

Mike Thompson, author of The Anywhere Leader and CEO of SVI

“I’ve been fortunate to work with Herb Schaffner for nearly two decades. Everything he does is absolutely best in class.”

Carl Van Horn, Director of the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development and Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University