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“I have had the pleasure to work with Big Fish Media for a few years. I had an idea for a book, which Herb took and created a formal proposal. The proposal was so strong that Herb sold the book to Wiley—saving me the cost of an agent. With the advance, Herb was the ghostwriter for my book, The Liberated CEO. We developed such a great rapport that I asked him to help market the book and manage the relationship with Wiley. We sold more than 5,000 copies of The Liberated CEO in 6 months and I’ve been interviewed by numerous radio personalities and print publications to promote the book. Herb and his team’s assistance at every step—from writing to marketing services—has been exceptional. I will not hesitate to work with Big Fish Media for my next project.”

–Scott Leonard, author, The Liberated CEO

“It was my lucky day when a friend suggested I contact Herb Schaffner about the book I was writing. I had written a lot but it didn’t look like a book yet. Herb helped me come up with the basic structure, figure out what I really wanted to say and develop a chapter by chapter plan. He [then] reviewed each chapter and edited the manuscript.

The most amazing thing happened. Although I had planned on self-publishing, it looked like the book might be of interest to several publishers. We drafted a proposal, sent it out to several publishers, got a lot of interest–Herb’s got great connections–and then sold the book to a top-notch publishing house. Now, he’s helping me with marketing. My advice is simple: If you want to publish a book, hire Herb Schaffner. He’ll get the job done.”

–Robert Tobin, author, What Do You Want to Create Today?, Tokyo, Japan

“Within weeks of hiring Big Fish Media, we were meeting with reporters and editors rat Reuters, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Harvard Business Review resulting in major print and online coverage. Herb Schaffner and his team get results.”

-Al Lewis, author, Why Nobody Believes the Numbers and coauthor, Cracking Health Costs. 

“Herb was a true professional – and friend – when it came to launching a media presence following the publication of my book. He took the time to understand my viewpoint on the issues I was writing about and gave valuable input into how to amplify the message.”

Deepa Prahalad, coauthor, Predictable Magic

I have rarely worked with anyone as generous in spirit and warm in manner than Herb. What makes him all the more special is that he’s also a savvy and insightful professional.

Mark Levine, coauthor Second Acts, Die Broke, It’s All in Your Head and numerous other bestsellers

“From the moment I met Herb Schaffner at the offices of HarperCollins, I knew my first book was in good hands. Herb guided me through a year of cross-country reporting, sent thoughtful and encouraging notes, and, when I finally presented him with the work, edited it with precision and wisdom. Everything he touched, he made better. As a magazine journalist, I’ve worked with many a top editor, but Herb is and always will be my favorite.”

Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, author of Remember Me and Pastors’ Wives.

“Herb Schaffner is one of those people you feel lucky to have worked with. He has a rare combination of insight, guts, compassion, and business savvy. Herb just gets it. He has a profound understanding of the marketplace. He knows how to generate results. He has the courage to make the tough decisions required to achieve them. And he never forgets that the best way to get things done is through people. The rockier the road, the more I want Herb on the team.”

Tim Hurson, author of Think Better and President of ThinkX Consulting

“Herb Schaffner is a skilled and savvy editor and publisher gifted at shaping a manuscript and message, who understands the shifting political and media landscape. He was invaluable in making Who Killed Health Care? a success.”

Regina Herzlinger, Professor at Harvard Business School, author of Who Killed Health Care?

I called a friend and told him that I, a harbor pilot of all things, had written a novel. ”What kind of novel?” he asked. I told him it was a comic novel. After a long pause he said, simply, “Good luck.” A couple of days later he called back and said, “You’re not a writer, you have no credentials to speak of, and you’ve written the most difficult book to write and get published in today’s marketplace. You’re asking the impossible so I have two words for you.” Thinking he was going to wish me luck again, I said, “I know– Good Luck.” To my surprise he said, “No. The two words are— Herb Schaffner.” Herb edited, agented, and, achieving the impossible, actually sold my novel to a first rate publisher. Not only that, he did it without breaking a sweat. DO NOT go to Herb if you’re looking to get jerked around. You’ll be disappointed.

John G. Jacobsen, author Commodore of Errors

“Herb Schaffner combines market knowledge and editorial instinct with a inborn knack for turning good ideas into great ones. Through Schaffner Media Partners, he can hone and then deliver your message to the audience you need.”

Jeremy Katz, Agent at Sanford J. Greenburger Literary Associates