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4 New Book Proposals Going on Offer to Publishers

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Jul 1

Big Fish Media is preparing four proposals going on offer to publishers this July (contact us if you are an interested editor):

Spinning Into Control: Timeless Skills for Incubating the Sustainable Startup:  Amiel Kornel is a venture capitalist and board member at Innocentive who has co-founded 4 startups, helped incubate over 15 other early-stage ventures and advised more than a dozen multinational companies seeking to strengthen their corporate venture investing and innovation activities.

The Co-Creation Edge: Transforming Sales and Procurement for Business Value: This book is co-written by Francis Gouillart, President of Experience Co-Creation Partnership, a management consultancy affiliated with PWC, and Bernard Quancard, the President of the Stategic Account Management Association.

Get a Dayjob: How to be An Artist Without Losing Your Mind, Your Shirt, or Your Creative Compass, by JoAnneh Nagler.   Successful author Nagler returns with the most practical and game changing book ever written for artists of all incomes, all walks of life, all disciplines.

The Invisible Cage: Living and Working with Schizophrenia, Marjorie Baldwin, Arizona State University.  A major contribution to the literature of mental illness and labor policy, that expertly combines a mother’s memoir of her experiences helping her son when he became mentally ill, and evidence-based arguments that the victims of schizophrenia can be successfully treated and join the workforce.

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